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Express Delivery

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Express Delivery

Now you can deliver your documents or packages to Jakarta or Bandung within hours using Citirans Express Delivery. Customers can send documents or packages up to 30kg in weight and 40x25x40 in dimensions. 

Rates Overview


  • Max: 36x25x2 cm

  • Weight: 0.1-1kg

    Price IDR 45.000


  • Max : 40x25x40 cm

  • Weight up to 30 kg

    Price: IDR 45.000 (0.1-1kg)
    Extra IDR 5.000/next kg


  • Prohibited items includes :

    • Check, valuable items such as gold, silver, platinum

    • Valuable documents (STNK/BPKP, land certificate, etc)

    • Flammable liquid

    • Drugs

    • Animal

    • Some electronics items

  • Document/Package must be taken no later than 14 days after delivery date. Document/Package which not taken for more than 14 days will be placed in the final storage located in Bandung. Cititrans is not responsible for non-retrieved packages within 3 months.