General Information

Where Cititrans Served?

Cititrans serves in almost all major cities in Java, such as Jakarta-Bandung-Jakarta, Semarang-Solo-Semarang, Semarang-Yogyakarta-Semarang, Solo-Yogyakarta-Solo, Yogyakarta-Salatiga-Yogyakarta,dan Surabaya-Malang-Surabaya.

What services are provided by Cititrans

Cititrans provides transportation services with the concept of pool to pool. Apart from that, we also offers Private Drop Service, Airport Transfers and Charter. For you who need package delivery services, we are ready to serve personal as well as corporate customers.

Where can I buy Cititrans tickets

Cititrans ticket purchases can be made through the Website www.cititrans.co.id, Mobile Applications available both on IOS and Google Play, or you can make your purchase directly at the Ticket Counter in the Pool.

What are the advantages of Cititrans compared to other Shuttle service providers

Passenger comfort during travel is one of our main focus. Therefore we are redesigning the cabins of all our fleets from all aspects to achieve the best vehicle experience.

  • We have developed vehicle’s part that has direct interaction with the passenger such as ‘the seat’. We built a personal tailor-designed seat system that accommodates passenger’s comfort and privacy. Additional features such as adjustable backrest and seat-belt on each seat compliments our service to you.
  • We also pay attention to the overall cabin design, and we ensure the level of cabin temperature can be maintained properly. We also put curtains on passenger’s windows for your comfort during the trip.
  • And to ensure you are well-connected during the trip, a USB port available in every seats for your convenience.

If there is a route beyond the one mentioned above, can I make a special request

Cititrans customized service also available to fit customer’s need. Our customer service will be happy to assist at 081299888565 (West Java), 081290111105 (Central Java), and 081290111106 (East Java)


Deadline for Reschedule

Reschedule or Reroute is available up to 3 Hours prior to departure.

How many times can I Reschedule

Rescheduling or rerouting can be done only once per Customer.

Where can I reschedule my ticket

Reschedule or Reroute can be done via Mobile Apps, Website, CititransCounter & Call Center.

What if there is a shortage of costs when I do Rescheduling

You can settle the extra fee where you do the request.

What if I failure to settle reschedule fee until deadline

Failure to settle Reschedule or Reroute fee within the time limit, may result in automatic cancellation of changes. You may do the reschedule or reroute process using your initial booking code.


Deadline for Refund

Refund request is available up to 24 hours prior to departure time.

How much money do I receive from the refund process?

Your ticket price will be deducted by Rp. 20,000 for administration fee/transaction.

Where can I refund my ticket

Refund request is ONLY available via Mobile Apps and Website.