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How to Book a Seat?
You can book our seat via Cititrans Booking App, Call Center at 0804 1111 000, Our Online Booking Website or directly at our pool.

What is the carry-on limit?
You can only bring one luggage in size of 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm at maximum and no more than 7 kg in weight. In addition, you can bring backpack, messenger bag, hand bag that can be fit on your seat area.

I left some stuff at the Pool/Shuttle. How do I get it back?
Please Contact our Call Center 0804 1111 000 or reach our Customer Service / Ticketing Officer

How can I Earn Cititrans Point Rewards
You need to join the Cititrans Loyalty Program by purchase Cititrans Card at Cititrans DIpati Ukur Bandung. U will get point for every trip u made.

How to Redeem Cititrans Poin Rewards
Please reach our Customer Service Officer at Cititrans Dipati Ukur - Bandung